Dexter Reed


Full Name
Dexter Reed
Good Burger Employee
Mondo Burger Employee (formerly)
Family & Friends
Ms. Reed
Mr. Reed
Portrayed by

Dexter Reed is an slacker employee at Good Burger delivering the food, his usual plans for the summer was to relax in his pool and eat Chinese food, and repeat it until the end of summer, the reason he works there is because Ed made him swerve off the road & into his teacher Mr. Wheat's $22,000 car, and so he has to come up with money to fix it. After getting fired from Mondo Burger, Dexter goes to Good Burger drinking milkshakes after milkshakes, but Ed helps him and gets him a job at Good Burger. After, Dexter tasted Ed's sauce and using it to sell more Good Burgers, Dexter took advantage of Ed and takes 80% of his money that he deserves, Dexter learns that Ed is trying to be his best friend after getting him a yo-yo that he used to have, that his father gave him. Dexter then tears up the contract and be friends with Ed.

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