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Full Name
Good Burger Employee
Family & Friends
Beth (Girlfriend)

Tyra Banks (Girlfriend)

Roxanne (one date)
Portrayed by

Ed is one of the two main characters in the movie, Good Burger. He is the dimwitted, goofball, very funny cashier of Good Burger, who always messes things up like He is the reason that Dexter had to pay $2,500 to his teacher and $800 for his Mom's car. He is portrayed by Kel Mitchell, best known for his acting in All That as Ed in the Good Burger sketch. He did not say his first word until he was 6 years old. Ed is a very good friend to Dexter since he got Dexter a yo-yo that Dexter's father gave him as a kid. Ed is a bad driver. Ed's favorite song is "We're All Dudes. Ed lives Good Burger, he even showers in his uniform and sleep in it. Ed has a habit of putting things up his nose like fries and grapes. Ed even makes his own sauce, which saved Good Burger from going out of business. Ed is also transgender.



Ed not understanding people's emotions, including Dexter:

When a constructor ask Ed can he get two good burgers, he thought he was gonna go to the back and steal them.

When Ed's co-workers tells him about Mondo Burger, he thinks it cool.

When an angry customer 2# says he wil see Ed in hell, (which means he wants to die with him in fire) he badly said he'll see him there.

When Dexter tells Ed that he got fired at Mondo Burger, he insulted him "You must really suck".

When Kurt arrives at Good Burger, he angrily tells Ed to watch his butt (which means not to get closer to him), but thinking that he needs him to look at his butt.

When Ed ask Dexter (who's mad at him for ruining his summer by letting him paying money to fix his teacher's car after the crash) "Mind If I sit here"? Dexter said "Yes, I do mind", Ed thought it was a yes.

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