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Good Burger was a 1998 Nickelodeon Film which stars Kenan and Kel.The Plot was about two High school Boys named Ed and Dexter Reed who work at a fast food store named Good Burger. Which a new restaurant gets built named Mondo Burger,They Destory It.

Trivia Edit

The film is similiar to The Kenan & Kel Show:

  • The actors of Ed and Dexter are the same actors.
  • Dexter, just like Kenan Rockmore, groans "Again with the [X]," X being something that he's tired of seeing/hearing. He also uses "WHYYYYY?!" They also scheme with a plan.
  • Kel and Ed are both dimwitted and clumsy. They also mess things up a lot.
  • Kenan and Dexter both have last name that starts with a letter, R. Kenan Rockmore and Dexter Reed.
  • Kel and Ed both wear hats.
  • Kenan and Dexter were yellow clothes.
  • Linda Cardellini and Dan Schnieder co-starred with Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell in this film and The Kenan & Kel Show.
  • When Kenan and Dexter are afraid of something they're being called chicken.

The four characters switch their hairstyles.

  • Kenan Rockmore has dreads. Dexter Reed has normal hair.
  • Kel Kimble has normal hair. Ed has dreads.

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